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The FutureLearn Resource Impact Resources guide is designed to provide you with all Open access resources for the FutureLearn course on research methodology.

How does research change the world?

The impact of research is rarely obvious. It can take years to eventuate and is often kept in reports that are difficult to access.

Explore some of these articles for insight into how research can impact the world.

Official measures of research impact

In academia, ‘measuring impact’ means showing evidence of the impact of research. The types of evidence that can show the full impact of research are complex. Academic researchers refer to the following guidelines to help with measuring impact. They could also help you as a practitioner researcher.

Investigate impact

Showing the impact of your research will help you understand the outcomes. It can also help to justify undertaking projects in future.

For your research consider:

  1. Who benefits from what I have to say?
  2. Which individuals or groups will gain or suffer from the results of the research? This is a standard part of an ethics application, but you can also think about it in relation to impact outcomes.
  3. Who will use your research? The many meanings of research utilisation

Your research impact

It’s important that you can track and assess the impact of your research now and into the future.

If you want to make a plan, think about some of these elements to help you. These examples are from this article:

  1. What is the aim of measurement? I.e. what is impact?
  2. What do you want to establish by measuring impact?
  3. What will impact mean for your project?
  4. When is the best time to check?
  5. What is the time frame?
  6. Who is/are the assessor/s?
  7. Are you counting ‘bad’ as well as ‘good’ impacts?

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